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downtown Grand Rapids

GVD Industries acquires companies that share its vision of creating business success through a participative management style. We believe that an environment which empowers employees through a culture of integrity, trust, and servant leadership will yield the innovation required to reach a company’s maximum potential. GVD Industries’ companies are great places to work, embrace diversity and value the creation of community partnerships. We operate under the following guiding principles: Responsibility, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence.

Our Mission
We focus our investments on companies headquartered in West Michigan for two primary reasons. First, we are from West Michigan and have a vested interest in creating a thriving community. We deeply understand the culture and want to play an active role in rebuilding the Michigan economy. Secondly, we invest for the long-term and work closely with our portfolio members on a regular basis. Our goal is to share our expertise with our portfolio companies to ensure that they become sustainable industry leaders.

A West Michigan equity firm.